Knowledge Base

  • Which is the best mobile network in the UK?

    EE were the first of the UK mobile networks to start the rollout of the 4G data network and had over 12 month's headstart on O2 and Vodafone but  in just over 2 years O2 have practically caught up in terms of land mass coverage (now only 6 months behind)  O2 have introduced HSPA+ and HSPA+ dual cell technology into the market and are first to do so which is the latest version of 3G technology which will provide even faster 3G speeds in areas where 4G isn’t available. O2 have also been the least complained about network operator in the UK, a level which has been maintained since 2010.

  • Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

    All our contracts across the different products range from a 12-36 month commitment and with it being such a fast moving industry, we will make sure your package is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you remain competitive in line with any pricing changes.

  • Do I have to leave BT?

    As a BT Wholesale partner, you can still be safe in the knowledge that you are using the trusted BT network for your telephone lines and calls, but potentially at a significantly reduced price, with arguably a much better service. All that changes is that you receive a monthly invoice from Movoda instead.

  • Has the quality of Hosted VoIP improved?

    Hosted VoIP is entirely reliant on the quality of the internet connection that you use and the way that the calls are compressed over the network. Broadband speeds are improving all the time with commitments to provide superfast broadband coverage to 90% of the UK by early 2016 and 95% by December 2017. With all Movoda Horizon VoIP packages we will always supply a standalone broadband connection purely for the voice traffic, with an assured service on the line, guaranteeing a certain number of concurrent calls at HD voice quality.

  • How do I receive my invoices from Movoda?

    A summary invoice is sent out electronically in pdf format to as many designated email addresses as you desire. You can then access all of the detail, reports and historic invoices through the secure online billing portal. It's all right there at your fingertips. We can of course supply paper invoices also if required.

  • If we have more than one product with Movoda, will we receive separate invoices?

    As a wholesale supplier of mobile, voice and data products, Movoda Telecom is able to deliver all of these products on a single monthly invoice, significantly reducing administration time and improving efficiency.

  • What is Hosted VoIP?

    Well, it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol which is essentially the transmission of voice over the internet using IP packets. It enables businesses to optimise their telephony systems realising genuine cost savings by using the internet instead of the traditional telephone network to transmit the calls.

  • Who do I contact when I have a problem or question?

    Depending on the type of enquiry you have, you can either email the dedicated support email, call one of the support numbers or simply contact the person you want to speak to directly. We will endeavour to respond within 4 working hours with an update or resolution. That is our promise to you.

  • Why choose Movoda rather than going direct to the main networks?

    Being supplier agnostic on all products, Movoda is able to provide you with impartial advice as to what is available in the marketplace. We would expect to be competitive on price but the value add is in the service. Why get lost in the corporate black hole of customer service when you can receive a much more hands on and personalised experience.