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The Entertainment Department (ted) are creators and implementers of day, evening and sports activity programmes and shows, both in the UK and internationally. Their vast knowledge of the entertainment industry is split into a number of departments to create each engaging performance.

They book thousands of acts every year and work with some of the biggest household names in leisure. In the last 15 years, their Talent Agency has contracted over 175,000 individual bookings around the world and over 6 million people have watched a ted show across 35 different countries. That’s why they’re Europe’s leading provider of entertainment with a wealth of talent and experience in their company.

Due to the nature of their business and the number of employees that travel all over Europe and further afield, mobile telephony is an extremely important element of their day to day operation. With International travel comes the potential for significantly higher mobile bills and with the previous supplier there had been several instances of unexpected voice and data bills, due to the account not being managed to it's full potential. This is where Movoda came in.

The brief was to look at not only reducing the overall cost and improving network coverage, but also putting a suitable ongoing management plan in place to ensure users were always getting the most benefit from the International solutions available to them.

Billing information for the previous 6 months was supplied to Movoda and detailed analysis was conducted to look at best fit for the business going forward. It was decided that a move to O2 on an unlimited package with tailored International bolt ons was going to be the most beneficial solution for ted. As a wholesale provider of O2, Movoda were in a position to be flexible with the package supplied but also putting a phone policy in place to enable users to change bolt ons dependent on where they were travelling, thus optimising the financial savings available to them. The end result is a business talkplan that saves the business in the region of 45% against their previous mobile invoices, has improved the network coverage dramatically and gives them peace of mind that every attempt to continually drive the costs down over the course of the contract is in place.

"Mobile communication is an integral part of remote working for our staff and they need to be contactable 24/7 in what is a very competitive marketplace. The brief we gave to Movoda has been met on every level and we are starting to see the benefits of the working relationship already. Even out of normal business hours, we know that we have someone to talk to if required. I would not hesitate recommending Movoda to my clients” Robin Breese-Davies - CEO

Aside to the mobile telephony, ted have also moved all their fixed line telephony to Movoda, combining everything onto a single monthly invoice, further reducing internal administration time and overall cost to the business. The next stage is to conduct a full audit of the existing digital telephone system and look at ways of using new technology and data connectivity to further enhance the way that ted work.

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