EE MVNO status for Movoda


In the ever changing world of mobile solutions with customer expectations becoming more about a blend of service levels and price, the ability to maintain ownership and control over your customer base is key to success.

Being able to supply our own bespoke tariffs on EE coupled with the flexibility of being able to make changes quickly and easily, the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) status will certainly have a big affect on engaging with customers in the future.

Selling the old Orange and now EE products was always that much more restrictive being reliant on a large telephone based customer service team to manage your accounts. This not only made life more complicated, but it significantly slowed down the process of getting issues resolved. Movoda can now supply,  onward bill and support all EE customers ourselves giving you peace of mind that you still have access to competitive business talk plans, whilst also having that single point of contact rather than just becoming another number in a call centre.

If you are interested in looking at what EE plans would be suitable for you through Movoda Telecom, don't hesitate to contact us on 0117 40 30 750 or 


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