Movoda Horizon VoIP rollout for Forest Traffic Services Ltd



Rollout of 5 site hosted solution for Forest Traffic Services Ltd

Forest Traffic Services Ltd are a leading traffic management contractor, delivering services to the highways, rail and utilities sectors for over 30 years through an extensive network of depots and offices throughout Wales, Southern England and the Midlands. 

Their clients benefit because of the geographical presence within the UK. It is operated as a Hub and Spoke structure with the Hubs having a full complement of staff for all activities, backed up by the Spokes which are more focused on delivery and design. The HQ is based in Newport, South Wales with regional offices in Winchester, Bristol, Upton Upon Severn and Wrexham.

Due to the geographical split of the offices across the UK, communication on the old telephone systems was somewhat cumbersome, costly and ineffective. Each site had historically sourced their own telecom contracts with no real element of centralised control or cost management. Even simple transfers of calls between sites involved a chargeable call on an outside line, with no visibility whatsoever of what each site was doing. This is where Movoda came in.

4 of the 5 sites were running the Splicecom Maximiser Call Server on BT ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines through 3 different suppliers, with Wrexham running an Avaya IP Office system, which was old and lacking functionality. As part of the exercise to consolidate the fixed line billing under the one supplier and monthly invoice, it was also an opportune time to review the telephone system infrastructure, due to the impending renewal date of the Splicecom maintenance agreement.

Following detailed cost analysis where significant savings of circa 38% were identified, it was agreed to swap out all of the 48 users with a state of the art hosted solution on a phased approach. Each site was supplied with a Horizon Assured broadband connection, running totally independently of any other data services, to maximise call quality and robustness of the solution.

The end result is an up to date VoIP telephone system where each site is connected as one, calls between sites are internal by extension, reception in Newport have full visibility of everyone and communication has been improved significantly. All of this on top of making significant financial savings with an ROI of less than 11 months.

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