Movoda Telecom connects Bestie GPS watch customers



The Bestie GPS wearable watch/phone is the only location device 100% custom-made for children. You can track your child wherever they are using the Bestie application, meaning you will never be worried about where they are. It allows the child to call from the watch without the need for a mobile phone to be present.  

Security is high on the agenda of any parent in today's society and devices that enable parents to keep an eye on their little ones whilst out and about are paramount in a lot of people's eyes. The effectiveness of devices such as the Bestie is hugely reliant on the quality of the technology but also the connectivity sitting behind the device.

Through the EE MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) status that Movoda Telecom have, they have joined up with Bestie to provide first class connectivity for all of the Bestie customers, giving them peace of mind that by using the UK's largest voice and data network EE, they will be able to keep on top of their child's movements wherever they are in the UK.

For every Bestie device that is purchased, a free EE sim card is supplied with access to numerous voice and data packages, all without any committed contract and at very competitive rates, which are at least 30% more cost effective than going direct. The sims are sent out pre-registered and activation through our dedicated online portal takes less than 10 minutes and you are away. Choose to top up as your credit runs out or select the auto top-up option where you can remain in control of spend whilst ensuring your child is never left with a device that won't work.

To find out more about where you can purchase these devices or for any other EE needs please email or call 0117 40 30 750


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