Poor indoor mobile coverage hinders productivity in UK offices


Nearly half of UK workers can't make calls or use data inside the office according to CommScope survey.

CommScope has found that nearly half of all workers in the UK are forced to make calls or access data on mobiles outside an office due to poor connectivity. 

Global telecoms leader CommScope commissioned the poll which was carried out by OnePoll. The poll quizzed 2,000 office workers in the UK focusing on productivity and mobile connectivity in the workplace.

The research found that 44% of the participants said they had to leave the office to use data or make a phone call with 23% having productivity hindered once a week. This was despite 77% of respondents considering connectivity in the workplace important for completing tasks.

Almost three quarters (73%) of people pointed to poor connectivity as a reason for effecting work efficiency.

The potential for attracting skilled prospective employees was also influenced by the quality of mobile connectivity as 64 per cent agreed with this, while only one in five (20 per cent) disagreed.

In terms of reliability in different parts of the country, workers in London, Yorkshire and the West Midlands all enjoyed the most reliable 4G service, all with 42%. In contrast the North East and Wales suffered the least reliable service with only 7% each.

International Sales for CommScope vice president Phil Sorsky said:

“Achieving the goal of reliable indoor mobile coverage is a significant challenge for operators, especially when businesses are based in large and complex buildings.”

We believe that establishing a dialogue and collaborative culture between these parties is essential- as businesses will look elsewhere if they can’t get access to first class facilities, with wireless coverage, capacity and speed assured to enable productivity across their organisations.”

 Source: Mobile News 18th April 2018

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