Telecoms infrastructure upgrade for leading business transformation company BIE Executive Ltd


BIE Executive have developed their business model working with organisations going through change. Formed in 1996, BIE built a strong reputation in the world of Interim Management.

After a merger in 2010 and an initial management buyout in 2013, the business was restructured to form an integrated executive search and interim management practice. Transformation can be strategic or tactical, evolutionary or radical. The only real certainty is that businesses today must be prepared to evolve to survice, whilst delivering business continuity before, during and after any period of change.

With the growth of the business in full flow, an office move was the perfect opportunity to refresh and upgrade the telecoms infrastructure to work much more in line with the flexible and dynamic working practices of BIE. The nature of the business requires consultants to be agile, with the ability to communicate when in and out of the office, giving the clients the professional service they deserve. This is where Movoda came in.

A full review of the telecoms supply was conducted and having worked with Movoda to reduce costs on the mobile fleet 12 months previous, it was a natural fit to explore how everything could be consolidated across the board from 4 suppliers down to 1.

The solution involved the installation of a new dedicated 100Mb leased line, providing the overall connectivity to run all web and email services as well as the Movoda Horizon Hosted telephone system. A backup Assured broadband line was also implemented to provide an automatic failover and built in disaster recovery. The office ethos is very much around flexibility, so each of the users were setup with the softphone application for their laptops, enabling a hot desking environment and allowing seamless transfer of calls whether office based or working from home. Mobile twinning enables all field based consultants to handle their incoming calls as if in the office.

All of the above was delivered seamlessly, out of hours and with a significant cost reduction of circa 60% against previous suppliers and to date is working exactly as promised on all fronts.

“Movoda delivered a superb service! They advised appropriately to tailor a solution that met our requirements and promptly delivered. The mobile transition was particularly smooth, and a later complicated leased line/office move combination achieved on our behalf again to order. Movoda continue to support us professionally and proactively after implementation of all solutions. We have confidence that as our business changes, Movoda will be able to adapt our telecommunications setup to accommodate our future needs. Thank you” - Sue Lewis, Finance Director

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