DIA Leased Line

We know how important connectivity to the Internet and to your business critical systems is nowadays, so can you afford for this to be unreliable? What affect financially and productively would it have on your business if your service was lost and you were unable to access emails, the Internet and possibly experience a loss of telephone calls? We feel it is vital that your business has a data connection that you can not only trust to deliver the speeds you pay for, but deliver on reliability and performance. If all of this rings true with you then you need to look at investing in a Leased Line data connection through Movoda Telecom. 

What is a Leased Line and what is it used for?

A Leased Line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection. So how does that translate into plain English?

By definition, Leased Lines are 'dedicated'. This means that all along the route of your Leased Line, the bandwidth you pay for has been reserved solely for your use. Unlike consumer Internet connections, the bandwidth available does not reduce at peak times when other customers of the same Internet Service Provider (ISP) try to use their connections at the same time as you. Being symmetric means you can upload data at the same fast speed at which you can download data.

All of these lines come with strict Service Level Agreements (SLA's) meaning that you can be safe in the knowledge that it is being monitored and controlled 24/7/365 to ensure you are getting the most reliable and stable service available.

How it works

What are the benefits of Leased Lines from Movoda?

  • 100% Service Level Agreement 24/7/365
  • Up to 10Gbps Ethernet circuits
  • Uncontended connection
  • Symmetric bandwidth (same download and upload speeds)
  • Supports Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) SIP and Hosted VoIP Telephony

Why not contact us on 0117 40 30 750 or info@movoda.co.uk to see if implementation of a Leased Line is suitable for your business.