Movoda Horizon hosted VoIP

So what is hosted VoIP? Well, it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is essentially the transmission of voice over the internet using IP packets. It enables businesses to optimise their telephony systems, realising genuine cost savings by using the internet instead of the traditional telephone network to route their calls.

Movoda Horizon hosted telephony solution gives customers an alternative to the traditional PBX telephone system, offering the scalability and flexibility they need to control their telecom estate as their business requirements change. Movoda Horizon provides a feature-rich and fully functioning telephony system that can be deployed using physical IP handsets or delivered over a softphone application running on your PC or smartphone. With comprehensive business continuity options and built in disaster recovery as standard, the hosted system gives you a cost effective and low-risk solution perfectly suited for the small to medium enterprise market.

How it works

The ideal VoIP solution for growing businesses

Movoda Horizon VoIP solutions offer your business greater flexibility with additional features and significantly reduced costs.

  • Easily control your fixed/mobile telephony
  • Save money and work smarter with fixed and mobile integration
  • Ideal for home and flexible working
  • Free site-to-site calls and inclusive call packages within the licence fee
  • Keep your existing numbers or get new ones – you choose
  • Extend your business reach
  • Built-in business continuity, security and fraud protection
  • Full range of handsets and options to suit your business
  • Minimal hardware means minimum capital outlay
  • Feature-rich

To explore all the features and benefits of the Movoda Horizon hosted telephony solutions, please take a sneak peek at the online brochure detailed on this page.

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