Machine to Machine (M2M)

Machine to machine (M2M) is a broad label that can be used to describe any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans. Managed connectivity automates the communication process between machines, so they can communicate anytime, anywhere and provide realtime information about their status. You'll detect problems, and correct them, earlier. You'll reduce costs and increase productivity.

Connectivity is achieved by inserting or embedding a Machine-to-Machine sim in the device that is later configured with the home server where all the usage data is collected and can be analyzed for company’s beneficial purposes.  Where M2M solutions come into their own is regards the supply of sim qualities, dependent  on their operating environment under 3 categories, Classic M2M sims, Industrial M2M sims, and Automotive M2M sims. 

M2M sims have different qualities for a variety of industrial uses to include greater storage capacity and a higher number of read-write cycles, meaning it has a longer lifetime than a Classic sim. Additionally, Industrial and Automotive M2M sims are built with materials that enable them to operate in harsh environmental conditions such as deserts or arctic weather. This adaptability of a sim operated device means it can be hugely cost effective and used in pretty much any scenario.

The main benefits of M2M over normal mobile broadband connections include:

  • Realtime information about status and data usage with control at your fingertips through a secure management portal
  • Aggregated data allowance across all sims giving much more efficient data plans
  • Fully flexible data allowance per sim however big or small, the options are endless
  • Ability to roam onto multi global networks for business critical applications (access to 650 networks in 180 countries)
  • Multi network sims enabling access to all 3 major UK networks, at all times, through the single sim solution
  • Sims able to adapt to any environment

Movoda Telecom has access to M2M solutions across all of the Tier 1 UK networks and can also provide secure global solutions through a far reaching network of partners.

For information on the different mobile data products available to you, or for a free no obligation audit, please contact us on 0117 40 30 750 or info@movoda.co.uk