Increasingly nowadays, more and more businesses put their focus on the mobility solution for their workforce rather than the fixed hardware solution for the office.  “Converged” or “Unified” Communications have been buzz words in the industry for some time now and this way of working is fast becoming the norm.

With so many different handsets, mobile networks and call plans available in this very complex market, it is important to keep it as simple as possible and treat every business as an individual.

Being a Wholesale Partner of O2 and Vodafone and an MVNO for EE, as well as a supplier of all the mobile handset manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Microsoft Mobile, Movoda is in a position to be supplier agnostic when it comes to proposing a solution for your business. We have access to bundled minute or flat rate pence per minute call plans and due to the flexibility of dealing with all the major networks, we can fully tailor our solutions in line with your requirements.

On some networks, gone are the days when you have to commit to a 24 month minimum contract term to get what you want. We can even provide a try before you buy concept where if you find that a different type of call plan is more cost effective for your business after a 3 month period, we can change plans without penalty. *

There are some key questions to consider when choosing your mobile partner. 

What does your mobile workforce use the devices for? Are there any specific applications that are crucial to their working business day? What type of communication do they use most, is it text, voice, email, or a combination of all three? Do the users work internationally or purely in the UK? Do you need to replace the existing hardware?

These are just a few questions that will help determine what device and call plan is most suitable for your mobile workforce.  We at Movoda are here to listen to your requirements, share our knowledge and propose simple solutions that will help your workforce be as productive as possible. All of this, coupled with the after sales support to ensure they are constantly connected, encapsulates our promise to you.

For information on the different call plans and devices available or for a free no obligation audit, please contact us on 0117 40 30 750 or

 *subject to terms and conditions